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The George Classic Car Show by Theo van Huyssteen

Close to 800 cars were on show and of greatest interest to me were those of the DART family.

This “Family” consisted of Hayden Darts, Levy Darts, GSM Darts and the famous Flamingo.

Peter Pretorius of Plettenberg Bay and Reg Farrow of Fish Hoek represented the Hayden Darts with two beautiful cars.

Peter is going to do some engine and carburettor changes on his car and will keep us posted on his progress. This car is in a very good condition and kept spotless.

Reg is using a Toyota engine and drive-train which he told me  is performing very well. This car is as spotless as Peter’s  and an inspiration how the Hayden should be kept. 

Two of the  Levy Darts on show had trailers hitched to them which made an interesting combo.The one trailer comes from the back-end of another Levy Dart . The second trailer is slightly different with a teardrop nose cone and  looks perfect behind the car. The colour scheme on these cars was very eye-catching, one being a bright orange and the other, silver.

The original GSM darts on show are still in fairly good condition but are beginning to show their age.

The Flamingo is in a class of its own and all that were on show were in excellent condition. Red is my favourite colour but the Yellow and Green Flamingo’s on display were fantastic.

Comparing the Dart Family of cars with other Sport Car models  designed during the same time, it is evident that a lot of time was spent to produce a car way ahead of its time. The body lines are superior and many of the mechanical designs are used in modern cars today.

Hats off  to the organisers of the George Old Car show. It is a MUST on your calendar for next year!